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10:00 am .... Ladies Class


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Stewardship, Who Me?

In a recent study of Christian Stewardship, I discovered a new way of thinking. When we think of individual stewardship and our obligation to the Lord’s body, do we  realize that the Church (all her members) has a great responsibility to nurture, grow, and train each and every member? Don't we as a body of saints need to challenge the weak to become strong? Shouldn't we promote the idea that you cannot be a member of the Body without serving the King? Do we excuse shirkers, lazy, derelict, half-hearted, “some of the time” members? Is it our charge as Christians to make certain every part of the body is healthy, active and growing? We must find places for every person to use their talent, to stretch their abilities and work wholeheartedly for the Lord. Brother Wendell Winkler very pointedly taught the following valuable points in his book “The Mission of the Local Church.” 

“Great Questions Every Member of Christ’s Body Should Ask In regard to the church...

Am I a power or a problem?
Am I an attendee or an absentee?
Am I a servant or a shirker?
Am I promoting or a provoking?
Am I a giver or a getter?
Am I a supporter or a sleeper?
Am I a help or a hindrance?
Am I lifting or a leaning?
"If every member of the local church was the same kind of member that I am, what kind of church would this church be?"
Frequently we should ask, "Lord, is it I?" (Mt 26:22)."
When the church seems dead, the work so slow.
When the attendance is off, the songs too slow,
When the prayers lack fervor and power,
When the minister's sermon seems stale and sour,
Do you ever stop and think to look with a critical eye?
Why not ask yourself the supreme question?
Lord, is it I?”
I’m afraid we’ve grown dull of heart when it comes to encouraging every member to be active in every way possible.
What do we need to do to encourage you to be an all the time, in every way, 100% dedicated part of the body of Christ? How do we help you fall so deeply in love with the Master that you cannot help but be a “worker for the Lord?”
On the day of judgment, we will all give an account for the time, talent and skills granted to us by God. Are we redeeming these things for their highest value? Will you please consider giving your best to the Lord? He certainly has given His best to you!
Joseph D. Chase


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