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Is it Most Immediate or Most Important?

Sometimes we become so focused on the immediate that we very easily miss the important. Jesus certainly saw that fault in the Pharisees (Mt 23:23). Good and wholesome things can take the place of best things.

We have directives from Jesus to take the Good News wherever we go. We are to take the "Message true and glad to the sinful and the sad." There are other opportunities to keep commands of Christ. Things that are very much a part of our salvation. We need to feed the poor, visit the sick, the lonely and the widowed. We are to reprove error. We are to keep ourselves unspotted from the word. All of this commands are necessary and if we leave them undone we will miss heaven when we die.

God expects a husband to care for his wife. If he doesn't or if he mistreats her it hinders his prayers and relationship with the Father (1 Pt 3:7). Husbands are also supposed to help their wives live a pure and sinless life. That means from time to time he may have to point out something she needs to repent from. We have to balance our lives to do both the immediate and the important. Your wife will never listen to you point out her sins if you are unloving, unhelpful and uncaring.

I am troubled when we treat our work of overthrowing sin as just a way to hurl judgment, identify error and rebuke sinners.

It seems that until someone knows the Love of the Lord, the compassion of Christ and the joy Jesus gives, a rebuke is seen as hatred of the sinner. I've got to show the mercy of the Messiah (Ro 5:8) to people that are their own worst enemy and don't know it.

Beating someone over the head with the truth when they don't love the truth does not make them remorseful for sins. It insights them to hatred of you and perhaps of the God we represent. But, when a sinner realizes that his sins are separating him from a loving Father (Is 59:2) and he learns that God wants all sinners to be saved (2 Pe 3:9) so much that He gave His only begotten Son to ransom them (Jn 3:16), he might be more willing to accept instruction in the way of truth.

Today is not the best day to reprove the people from the Pulse club. Today is a day to weep with those who weep (Ro 12:15). Today is a day to embrace hurting people and show them the compassion of Christianity. Today is a day to mourn and cry with people who are broken. In doing this we show that we love people, we prove our love for Christ. And just maybe we can befriend someone who previously was hostile to the message of Christ long enough for them to listen to the greatest news they could ever hear. God beacons all of us to come to salvation (Mt 11:28; 2 Pe 3:9).

The most important task is sharing the good news. People can't hear that today over the noise of their broken hearts. Be tender as a nursemaid (2 Th 2:7). Pray that God gives us time to not only accomplish the immediate but the important.

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