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O Be Careful Little Fingers What You Type

The electronic age has given everyone with Internet access the power to reach millions of people around the globe without costing a penny. Social Media is a powerful tool. As Christians we’ve got to use it carefully.

Things to avoid on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest.

Think before you hit send. If you’re angry or frustrated wait until you are cool headed before saying something you may regret.

Ranting about political or cultural issued can be dangerous. Before you say it online be certain you are not closing the door for better discussions with people later on.

Don’t use social media, email or texting to argue or try to resolve your conflict. Unless it is to say I am sorry and I love you. Face to face, eye to eye conversations allow for better communication.

Don’t let your electronic media be your only source of friendship and communication. People need friends. People need real interaction with other people in real social settings. Your 1000 twitter friends really never know you or vice versa. When you’re with your friends put away your phone or tablet and have a real conversation.

It is important to remember that your pictures, posts and updates can hurt you in ways you may not expect. Your employer or future employer probably checks your Facebook. You could leave the wrong impression about your self when you post promiscuous photos or scandalous texts. Have you thought about the fact that God sees your Facebook too!

Social media when used responsibly is a powerful communication tool. It can bring blessings to many. Just be careful and thoughtful when using it.

Joseph D. Chase
North Loop Church of Christ

All Are Welcome, All Are Wanted, All Are Encouraged To Transform

It pains me to think that anyone would feel slighted in the open arms of the body of Christ. There is not a single one of us who comes to Christ sinless. Why would we believe that anyone is excluded from the call of Christ? Paul, the self-proclaimed "chief of sinners" spent the duration of his converted life calling sinners to come to Jesus.

We need to understand that God's call is for repentance and conversion. Paul's message was "put to death the evil deeds of the flesh" (Romans 8:13). He is even more specific in the letter to the Colossians Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry. (Colossians 3:5). He is saying "come to Jesus, just as you are. But, don't stay that way." When we are converted there is nothing we are not willing to sacrifice, forsake or leave behind.

The goal in our "new life" (2 Corinthians 5:17) in Christ is to "transform our inner man by renewing our minds" (Romans 12:1,2). The educated spirit of man forsakes the former evil desires and cultivates eagerness for Christlikeness. The church of Christ is filled with people in changeover mode. There are some who though they have forsaken past lives where "sin reigned in the flesh" (Romans 6:12) they are now seeking the reign of God in their lives (Matthew 6:33).

Knowing that the devil lives ever to destroy the souls of men, we should help each other mature in the faith. The family of God should band together to dethrone Satan from the lives of every person. There truly is no place that sinners are more welcomed than the kingdom of Christ. You are called as a sinner but you won't stay that way for long. The transformation begins the moment we surrender our will to His. That is why there is a burial of the sinner, he buries the sinner to rise "new in Christ" (Romans 6:1-4).

Joseph D. Chase North Loop Church of Christ


The Candidate I (Love/Hate) (Was/Wasn’t) Elected Isn’t That (Wonderful/Terrible)?

I have little confidence in politics. It seems there is little difference what either party can do to really change our country. There is weariness in petitions, campaigns, picketing and political speeches. Jesus summed it up perfectly “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). Men have little ability to really change the world if God does not help them. We would all accomplish more if we would petition the Lord who “rules in the kingdoms of men” (Daniel 2:17). We should fill the throne-room of God with our petitions, supplications and prayers. Then rise up from our prayers to do what the Bible instructs. People who petition God and then obey His Word impact this world much more than those who entrust others to change it for us. 

Our nation does not need more republicans, democrats, libertarians or independents we need more people who seek God and do His will. We need more father’s who are Christ imitators, mothers who embodied the characteristics of our Lord and children who submit to God’s will and not their own.  
It matters not who is in office, we can be faithful to God and make a valuable difference for good in our homes, community and country. Far too often we get so worked up about politics that we loose sight of the one thing we can control and change…ourselves. We neglect the prayer closet for the voting booth. We put more confidence in Washington than we do in Heaven. 
The greatness of a nation is never measured by the greatness of its leaders but by the goodness of its citizens. The bible believer will obey God rather than man (Acts 5:29). Great citizens, who follow bible principles, strengthen the world. 
Right will be right even when the leaders of men declare it to be wrong and vice versa. Standing for what is right begins by doing what is right.  Our country will never be any better than the people who live here. The best leader cannot force evil people into righteousness. The most evil despot can never force truly righteous people to do evil. 
Please spend more time praying for God to help us to change our hearts, to help us to love what he loves and hate what he hates. Seek the Lord and His counsel then amend your character to reflect the nature of God. Spend time praying for the government and then look for ways to be a better disciple of Christ which will make you a better citizen by God’s standard.
Joseph Chase
North Loop Church of Christ
Gladewater, TX



Pecans and Providence!

I spent a while with a sweet sister in Christ today.  She has burdens well beyond what most of us could endure and remain sane.  In our visit she told me about a providence of God that happened. 
She has several pecan trees in her yard. They never bear fruit (yes a pecan is a fruit tree).  This year all of them had bumper crops.  The trees were all volunteer trees that were transplanted from her dad's yard many years ago. 
Odd thing is there seems to be several different varieties of pecans from that mother tree.  She began her research to find out if that could be true.
This sister is caregiver for her husband who suffered a massive debilitating stroke many years ago. He has a host of medical problems and continues to struggle in a lot of ways.  
In her search for answers about her pecan conundrum, she ended up in the Upshure County Extension Agents office.  The lady agent was of little help with the pecan research. But come to find out, she does have a lot of experience and training in long term stroke and brain injury care.  My friend has been struggling for a long time with questions about her dear husband's continued decline.  
Well, doesn't it seem strange that tracing out the husbandry of a 25 or 30 year old pecan orchard would bring this lady face to face with someone who gave her encouraging news and hope regarding her husband's condition? 
God sends us help in many, many ways. We need to give Him credit when things work together for good.
We should and must give Him glory for the wonders he performs on our behalf through Divine providence.  
Thank you Lord, for pecans, curiosity seekers and Extension agents who are trained outside of their occupational field. And bless this sweet lady who has found some comfort, relief and peace in a very unusual place!




Since the church is made of people there will always be conflict. We will probably never agree 100% in areas of opinion. Each of us as Christians need to review: Romans 14:13-20; 1 Corinthians 6:1-7; Ephesians 4:29-32; and Matthew 5:38-42, often. These passages tell us how to resolve disagreement and disharmony God’s way.

Many times we try to resolve spiritual matters in the same way as opinion. Although some of the principles are the same we cannot forget that God expects us to come to the same conclusions on Scripture as spelled out in Scripture. We can compromise on personality, opinion and such but never on plain Bible teaching.

Jeremiah, by inspiration wrote, “I know, O Lord, that man’s way is not in himself; nor is it in man who walks to direct his own steps (Jer. 10:23).

Let us be wise enough to seek God’s counsel on keeping the attitude and spirit we should display when we disagree. But also the fortitude to do God’s will to do His will when we disagree.

The Kingdom of Christ has splintered over the years because men compromised on doctrine.  Sadly, many tried to resolve doctrinal disagreements so that everyone could “get along,” and no one have their feelings hurt.  That seems to be the wisdom of man in conflict resolution. Does God’s will allow for this? God is the last word on every issue. Each of us MUST come to the same answer doctrinally and never compromise God’s Will.

In the end we must “not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” Then our biggest conflict, (the one between fallen man and God) will be resolved.                 Joseph D. Chase

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